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Japan Dome House Co., Ltd is a company which sells manufacturing machinery for the basic parts of Dome House (Wall, Door, Window, Ceiling, etc.). 

JDH have been seeking and recruiting a company being our exclusive sales partner for our special expanded polystyrene Dome House in your country and adjacent countries.
For being the exclusive sales partner, the expected company should be selling more than 3000units per year.
On understanding the above mentioned condition, we would like to have further business discussion with the company which is interesting in this business model in Japan.
Please come to Japan and confirm the real Dome House system by yourself
We also could display how to construct Dome House system and show room in our site in Japan.

Our company's condition
  • (1) Please purchase the manufacturing machine which can produce on the line for annual capacity over 4,000 units (Model 7700 Dome House).
  • (2) Please be able to make sales order promises over 3,000 units (Model 7700 Dome House) per year.
  • (3) We are welcome that major housing & construction companies can sell above quantities in your country.

Our requirement
Please indicate specifically details on your business project. Then contact us.
We will reply only those who sent the project plan.
If your company is interested please fill in the inquiry form below and send it to us.

Some items marked up with an asterisk (*) are indispensable.

Thank you very much for your inquiry.
We have a lot of inquiries now, so please give us several business days to reply.
We prioritize contact with companies and business entities.
We can not respond for small orders (individual purchase of Dome House).

Thank you.
  • Internet search
  • Introduction of acquaintance
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • TV and other media
  • exhibition
  • Posters and signs

Please push the button "Submit" after your confirmation

Are you not a company? Presently, we have been not selling Dome House for the sample and small amount of lot. However, we could consider to sell that you would order more than 100Units. Please inquiry us.