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Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Can I purchase in a small lot?
  • A: Sorry. We do not sell a small lot.We will consider when you order more than 300 units dome house.
Q: How much is the price for dome house?
  • A: Price varies depending on type, size space, quantity, etc.
Q: Is there an agency/distributor?
  • A: (1) At present, we have directly operated factories abroad other than Japan, but there is not working for retail sale.
    (2) We are looking for the company which manufactures and sells the dome house for each country at present.
Q: How much is the sea transportation cost?
  • A: (1) We do not know about this matter in our company.
    (2) One unit for type 7700 dome house panels is available to put into the 40ft container.
Q: How long does it take to build a dome house?
  • A: Type 7700 dome house (45 m2), it is only 2 hours to assemble the dome house.
Q: How can I purchase a dome house?
  • A: After you plan into the details of using purpose and types for dome house over 300 units, you will start visiting our company in order to see and confirm the actual dome houses.
Q: I would like to manufacture and sell the dome house as a business. Can I do it?
  • A: Yes, you can. Our company is looking for such a company overseas.